Inspection and Knowing The Product

  • After receiving the unit inspect for physical damages, if any. Check the model specifications given on the actuator name plate and test report with respect to order and It's expected functions. These units are meant for quarter turn rotation of the final control element i.e A valve or a damper. The motors used for these actuators are provided with capacitor and resistor and are suitable for bidirectional operation. The supply to the motor gets cut-off through position limit switches, at the end position, as per settings. Adjustable mechanical end-stoppers are also provided as a back-up protection to avaid over-run in case of failure of limit switches. The actuator can be operated manually through handwheel to a desired position. The mechanical movement can be checked from the local position indicator provided on the actuator. The actuators are provided with following accessories.

  • Travel limit switches : 1NO + 1NC - Qty. 2Nos. (One for opening & other for closing direction) Local postion indicator hand wheel for manual operation + 1NO + 1NC - Qty 2Nos. Extra limit switches for potential free contacts.

  • SPECIAL ACCESSORIES : (Supplied only on customer's specific requirements)
  • Feed back potentiometer

    Remote position indicator

    Two wire transmitter (Model FTP-100)

    Control Panel

    Travel & Torque limit switches

    : 1 Turn / 10 Turns

    : Analogue / Digital (Panel mounted)

    : Actuator / Panel mounted

    : Local / Remote

    : 1 NO + 1 NC : NOS - For Qty - 40/50/60/1000