INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING: (Refer Product Catalogue for overall dimensions)

  • Check the mounting and coupling dimensions of the actuator with respect to final control element – Valve / Damper. Check the position of the key way in the actuator bore and also on the shaft of final control element. As the movement is restricted only 1000, the keyway position should synchronies in both the items to get the desired function. The above requirement also stands for any other form of coupling, instead of keyway, for the actuator and final control element. Bring the actuator and also the final control element to about 50% open position and couple them together by using proper hardware. Rotate the actuator through handwheel while tightening the mounting bolts to ensure proper alignment to have loss of Power in Friction.

  • Refer Diagram 1 Close the valve / damper through the hand wheel operation of actuator. At this point the travel switch in the closed direction should also get operated by the cam, if it does not, loosen the Cam by the Allen key and “JUST” operate the closing travel switch by the cam and tighten the same properly. Check the switching operation by giving the electric supply in

  • Closing operation : It is necessary to note the movement of the cam while closing operation and also to identify the closing switch before making the above adjustments.

  • Opening Operation : Report the above operation for open limit switch functions. Report the above operation for auxiliary travel limit switches to operate them in the desired potion.